100% MEAT • NO ADDED COLORS OR FLAVORS Make the easiest, most delicious choice of your life and leave the protein to the pros (yes, that’s us!).


Born from a Passion

Just Meats was born from a passion to bring no-nonsense, delicious proteins to the masses! Prepping clean protein every week can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. Our precooked meat promises a healthy, easy solution for those protein-related problems faced on a daily basis.

Real Meat
Real Ranches

Our beef, chicken, and pork are locally sourced from ranches in Utah (where our production facility is located). Sage Valley Ranch is family-operated and has been around for 175 years. They take great pride in humane animal treatment and promise grass-fed, 100% natural meat from animals. This quality protein means fresh and tender meat that is rich in flavor.

Farm to Table Life

Once it enters the production facility, the meat is hand trimmed, seasoned and cooked in a variety of ways that keep your tastebuds excited! We incorporate cooking styles and dishes from around the world like Texas-style brisket, Latin-inspired pollo asado, and the popular Kālua pork from Hawaii. There are never any added colors or artificial flavors – just clean ingredients that keep you feeling good, full, and fueled.