Cancellation policy

*All cancellations must be done on via your personal account or by calling a customer experience representative at 888-343-1242. *

*We do not accept cancellations/refunds through email. *

Please make sure you are subscribed to Just Meats before you purchase. If you want a single order, we recommend double checking to see if it is a “ONE-TIME order” or a “SUBSCRIPTION order” before purchasing.

1. Shipping Issues:

If you experience shipping issues or delays, please contact our customer support team at or by calling 888-343-1242 and we will find the best solution we can. Depending on the issue, this will either include issuing a credit to your account or rescheduling your shipping date. Once your shipment is with UPS, it will display as in-transit on your tracking number and your order will be shipped in 1–2 days. If you have yet to receive a tracking number, it will display as label created, unfulfilled, or partially fulfilled. This means your order is still being processed and/or getting ready to ship.

Your meat should not be delivered hot or melted (see our warm meat section). Due to the perishable nature of our product, we are unable to accept returns. If the delivery failed, please call us and we can discuss sending you a new order or issuing in-store credit.

2. Wrong Addresses:

Please double check your address to see if it is correct before confirming your order. This includes adding your apartment, lot, or unit number. If you've entered the wrong shipping address, please contact us as soon as possible because once the shipment process has begun, it will be too late. We will make every effort to correct the address before the order is shipped. If the order has

already been fulfilled or shipped to the incorrect address, we cannot issue a refund or replacement. We cannot ship to any P.O. Boxes.

3. Delayed Shipping:

If your order is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, weather, or holidays please contact our customer support team. Your options may include rescheduling your delivery or providing credit for an upcoming order.

The estimated time to receive your order is around 1-2 weeks from the day you place your order, depending on the volume. There are times your order may come earlier than one week, but the standard is a 1–2-week window.

4. Canceling Your Own Subscription:

If you receive a significant upfront discount, smaller ongoing discounts, and additional subscriber-only meat options, you are on a subscription. You can cancel your subscription on via your subscription account.

A cancellation request must be completed 24 hours prior (MST) to the renewal date and the order being charged. We cannot refund your order once the process has begun.
To cancel your subscription, please log into your account and navigate to ‘manage your subscription. From there, click ‘edit selection’ and then ‘cancel’ (found at the bottom of that page).

You can also call 888-343-1242 to request skipping and holding for 30 days at a time. If you do call, please give ample time for the team to respond.

5. Warm Meat:

In the event you receive meat products that are not at the appropriate temperature upon delivery, please contact us IMMEDIATELY, so we can determine the appropriate action.

*To make this decision, we require pictures and a small 30-60 second video displaying the contents in the box. This includes the box, the warm meat(s), and melted ice packs on arrival. Once your pictures and video have been sent to our support team, we can work to resolve your issue.

If the vacuum seal is torn, opened, or if the seal has bubbled, please send pictures/videos to and contact our customer experience team as soon as possible. This may lead to a replacement order or replacement of the specific package of meat.

6. Substitution Meats:

There may be moments when the inventory on our meats at a specific distribution center may be low on meats. In that situation, our distribution centers will replace the low inventory meat for a meat of equal or greater value.
We appreciate and thank you for your patience.

General Cancellation Notes:

Porch pirates are a real concern. If you have experienced this issue with other deliveries, we recommend signing up for UPS My Choice to get up-to-the-minute notifications on the status of your order. You can also include delivery instructions and photos to a safer and more secure location as well. A porch camera is another good idea we recommend. If your order is lost or stolen, please call our customer experience team at 888-343-1242.
We reserve the right to modify this cancellation policy at any time. Please check our website for the most up-to-date policy information.
You will receive an email informing you that your subscription account will be renewed in the next 15 or 30 days, at least 3 days prior to your renewal date. We advise you to check your spam email folder if you haven’t received a confirmation email.
If you have any questions, feel free to call 888-343-1242 at any time.
Thank you.