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No Fuss, All Flavor

Premium meat cooked, chilled, and delivered to your doorstep.

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The hardest part of meal prepping has never been easier! We cook the meat so you can enjoy a carefree, delicious, and protein-packed meal!

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Choose from 12 top-quality & ethically sourced meats with new flavors released monthly.

* Grass Fed & Finished, Humanely Raised, No Artificial Colors or Flavors


We do the cooking, you do the eating. Reheat the meat in under 2 minutes.

Enjoy delicious meats without prepping, cooking, or visiting the grocery store.

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Premium meats delivered right to your door


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All meats are packaged in an insulated and chilled shipping box


Money-Back Guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee

Here at Just Meats, we cook and smoke all of our locally sourced meats right out of Springville, Utah. We chill the meat and ship it directly to you in a specially designed insulated box. 

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Meet Your Holiday Meats

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The perfect blend of sweet & spicy. Juicy tender ham ideal for holiday feasting.

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Slow cooked prime beef from local Utah ranches. You'll love the smokey flavor and tasty herb rub.

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Dare we say "moist"? Our juicy chicken is elevated with a sweet & tangy CranApple Rosemary sauce.

Our Customers Say...

I am on a low carb diet and Just Meats has become a new way for me to get the protein I need without being bored of the same thing over and over. The food is delicious and so easy to heat up. I do recommend using a lid on the pan to keep the moisture in while getting up to temp. I’ll be buying again!

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Kristi S.


Super delicious! Makes meal prep and macro counting easy. I live in Miami and was concerned about the packaging - but no issues at all. Meats arrived well insulated and cold packed with dry ice.

Deandra D.


Absolutely LOVE your stuff! I made a pretty big order and man do I freaking love it! The taste is UNREAL, macros are amazing, and efficiency is unmatched. You have a long time subscriber here for sure

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Samer S.


The best thing that I have ever gotten! My mom usually watches my kids and does the cooking while I work my 9-5 but this has been a Godsend to me because she has been in the hospital and with Just Meats I get home and I'm still able to give my family a "home cooked" meal.

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Roary T.


I tried Just Meats and after one meal (Sweet and spicy pork) my husband and I are sold! So good and so easy!

Beck S.


Frequently asked questions

Yes! All meat is precooked, chilled, and then shipped to you. All you have to do is reheat!